Insolar uses quality products for all solar and water related design and installations. Our high quality engineered inverters supply turnkey energy efficient solutions which produces the maximum power conversion ratio, converting solar radiation to energy. All our inverters carry a manufacturer’s warranty, a guarantee return on your investment.

Insolar provides quality solar panels, ensuring maximum yield per panel. All panels have a minimum of 25 years, 80% production warranty.

We use the best design principles for solar pumping solutions, all material including the material used for the implementation and building of water and irrigation systems.

We also offer retrofits for existing geyser systems to turn them into solar heating systems making sure that you have energy savings from the first day after installations. this installation will save you money from month to month.

Manufacturing of specialised steel piping and welding is done in house to ensure high quality and reliable delivery time.
Insolar have aligned itself with the best suppliers in the market to guarantee quality and hassle-free products.

Solution Comments Brands
Grid Tie Solar Systems Grid tied inverters feed your excess solar power into the national grid during the day while utilising power from the grid at night reducing your daily electricity bill and saving you money. Grid tied systems only operate when the grid is available but shuts down during power outages to avoid electrocution of personnel working on the grid. SolarEdge
Hybrid [Battery Backup] Solar Systems Hybrid inverters intelligently switch between grid and battery power ensuring a constant supply of energy during grid outage. When connected to the grid it can prioritise recharging the battery’s using solar while feeding surplus solar power back into the grid. When no grid is available a combination of solar and battery is used to supply the loads. Hybrid systems ensure consistent power supply regardless of intermittent power outages while reducing overall grid power consumption. Alpha ESS
Off-Grid Solar System Off grid power, not restricted to remote locations, combines stand-alone PV power production and storage system for self-consumption. The energy stored in batteries is used at times when green energy is not being generated such as when the sun has set allowing a more independent way of living. Victron
PV/Genset Integration An intelligent control system integrates the PV and diesel genset networks to achieve a high proportion of PV production without impairing the stability of the grid, during power outages or when a cloud bank interrupts the PV output resulting in fuel saving while optimising the Solar installation investment.
Solar Pumps Using modern design principles for solar pumping solutions, including the material for implementation, and building of water and irrigation systems results in cost effective pumping solutions.
Geyser Retrofit Retrofit geysers, into a direct solar water heating system ensuring energy savings from the first day after installations which will typically reduce geyser bill by up to 50%, over the year.


Grid-Tie Hybrid Geyser Retro UPS
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